Artists: Baladi

Born in Switzerland in 1969, Alex Baladi studied literature in Genève and cinema and video in Paris. He cooperated on magazines such as Psikopat, Le Cheval sans Tête, P.L.G. and Jade, and provided illustrations and comics to several journals. His first graphic album, 'Monsieur Cru et le Désespoir Euphorique', was released in 1992, and this was followed by over 25 albums, mini-comics and smaller books.

Baladi was the publisher and author of the fanzines Toujours Content (1994-1996), Rien, and Moins que Rien (both in 1998). He has appeared in numerous anthologies including Comix 2000 (L’Association 1999) and has recently had work translated to English in Top Shelf Asks the Big Questions (Top Shelf 2003) and Blood Orange #3 (Fantagraphics 2004). In addition to his work in the comics field, Baladi’s paintings have been exhibited widely throughout Europe.

Selected Bibliography

Graphic Albums

M. Cru (AtoZ 1992)

Comment Devenir (Atoz 1993)

Contes Maison (Mosquito 1996)

Goudron Plumé (Delcourt 1997)

Cosmique Tralala (la Cafetiére 2001)

Frankenstein encore et toujours (Atrabile 2001)

L’irrationnel et un café (L’Association 2003)

Dormez-vouz? (Atrabile 2004)

le main droite (Atrabile 2004)


Smaller books

Sûre (B.ü.L.b. comix 1996)

Froncée (B.ü.L.b. comix 2001)

Meta Maw (Drozophile 2003)


Self-published mini-comics & zines

Toujours content (1994-96)

Le Quotidien de science-fiction (1998-99)

Rien (1998)

Moins que Rien (1998)